Thursday, June 25, 2009

why do people like doing the following things in the washroom?

why do guys insist on lifting up the friggin toilet flap thingie and then never put it back down?
I don't care if you lift up the seat, It really doesn't bother me...JUST PUT IT BACK DOWN! NOT THAT HARD

Why do people refuse to flush the toilet?
Its nasty, knowing whether you did number1 or number 2 or a combo of the two... doesn't make me happy...grosses me out.

Streak marks...
just gross... please flush so that there's enough water PRIOR to you going number 2 PLEASE! I BEG YOU!

Tampons/Sanitary Napkins swimming in a pool of red tinted water....
Just nasty!, feel way sorry for the custodians. and didn't your mommy ever teach you TAMPONS AND NAPKINS DON'T GET FLUSHED!! even your packaging insert tells you that!

Wet counters
umm...there's paper towels for a reason... and get rid of the water on your hands INSIDE the sink...

phlegm in the sink...
Its just gross do it in the toilet...I don't want to wash my hands above that green/brown/yellow/ whitish blob of mucus. nor do I or the janitor feel like trying to wash it down the drain for 5 minutes.

Band-aids need to be folded up and placed in the garbage bin. There's blood in there...and its gonna get wet that means bacteria galore...and other people run the risk of getting blood borne diseases like hepatitis. NOT GOOD! Seriously. fold up...throw into garbage can...DONE!

People who take too long
Seriously, even if I have 3 toilets in the doesn't mean that people can take like 30 minutes...even if you're going shouldn't take you that long.

Chewing gum in the washroom...
that's just gross...because you're "eating" while you're taking a crap? EWWW!!

People spreading their makeup over the entire counter...
1) the counter is already wet, so you run the risk of contaminating your make up, and ruining it.
2) Be a little more considerate.
3) shouldn't you just do your make up at home...or in your room? it's better lighting there anyways
4) You really need to reapply that foundation like every 2 hours? welcome pancake face!!

People who loiter in the washroom want to hang out in a place where people are taking pees and poos and sometimes diarrhea...sometimes something that requires 2 go to the food court or something, at least they've got food.

Guys who don't aim right.
Seriously...just sit down if you have to. I don't like cleaning up after anybody's pee

People who stand on the toilet seat...
Generally most people are good with this's just that some people from Asia decide its okay to leave foot prints on the friggin toilet seat. No it's not okay. I don't want to sit where you're feet has been. and it's my bare skin. That's gross... be ashamed of yourself!
ps: Chinese people call white people "white ghosts" well guess what I can't see your feet on the I guess you're the ghost now! PWNED!!

People who grab like handfuls of paper towel to wipe their hands
Seriously, 2 is more than enough. Yes you may have really big hands blah blah blah...but I have pretty big hands too and I only need to use 1 sheet. so you know what SUCK IT UP!

Toilet paper thrown on top of the ceiling.
Its lame! and it makes me feel like I'm in a parking lot. (the white fluffy stuff on the top of those parking lots?) What a waste of resources...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my first entry

I don't really know what to put as my first I guess I'll talk about what happened yesterday and today :).
I got to meet Faber from Faber drive yesterday YAYYYY!!! He's so cool!, he went to my school to teach us about song writing, you can so tell he really passionate about it...
I'll talk about it when I'm not so busy :)